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BULLDOG BASH DATE: coming soon

'The LARGEST free, OUTDOOR CONCERT IN THe state of Mississippi'

BASH IS MORE THAN JUST A concert; it's a tradition.

Imagine the streets of downtown Starkville packed with fans anticipating a long day of fun and a night full of music. The warmth of summer is fading, and the first cool breeze of Fall is making its way through town. Both nationally recognized bands and local favorites can be heard warming up throughout the day, building the anticipation for the fun ahead. Vendors line the streets with merchandise and delicious food. Friends and families join one another in the streets and on overlooking balconies, enjoying the unique atmosphere created by our market, artists, and musicians.


The Bulldog Bash experience is truly one of a kind.

Proudly presented by


Bulldog Bash is an event presented by the Mississippi State University Student Association. The Student Association is MSU's student-led governing body and is the largest student organization on campus. The SA is responsible for providing opportunities for students to engage in fun, imaginative, diverse, educational, and entertaining events and programs at Mississippi State, and Bulldog Bash is just one example of this. For more information on the Mississippi State University Student Association, click the icon below! 

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